Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Hollow

Promises.  His Word is always true.  He promised.  It may not be on our timetable.  But it will come to pass. I'm waiting on some right now.  Getting a little tired.  Wondering how long.  Waiting.  But the fact is, His Words don't expire.  He speaks them into being and then lets them do the work they need in us to be able to hold all the goodness of the promises He wants for our lives.  For a vessel to be useful, in must be hollow, so it can hold all that it was meant to.  If it is full of itself, it cannot hold the very thing that it is meant to share. Sometimes that preparation is painful and takes a while.  And then sometimes it has to set, so it can strengthen and be ready.  So if that's you's me too :)  Let's don't get discouraged, you and I.  We won't be on the shelf forever.  He's got big plans for us.  I'm believing that today.  Thankful.

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