Friday, October 11, 2013

5 Minute Friday


The days come and the days go.  They seem so uneventful, so ordinary.  We get up, we go about our day, we come home, we sleep.  Wash, rinse, repeat.....until we choose to change perspective.  It's a choice you know.  You must choose to see the ordinary as something very unordinary.  Choose to see the gift in the changes that come, choose to see the gift in the days of the so very small and hidden.  Without those days, the unordinary cannot grow, cannot strengthen, cannot be ready when the time comes.....ordinary.  I prayed for the day when I could come home and hear laughter in the house again, when I could simply watch TV and not think about anything other than just being still in a moment.  I yearned for the days when the very ordinary would not seem like they took every ounce of strength I had left.  And here they answer to my prayers....and sometimes I forget that.  These days were my prayers for so very long.  Not what I expected, but my answer still.  Little by little.  One thing at a time.  One step must come before the other and it is in this very ordinary, that we find ourselves heading in the right direction.  Thankful.



  1. Your words are wonderful and they ring so very true to me! Very touching post!

  2. Yes, His ordinary for us leads us to the perfect place. The place He designed for us to go. Love this!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so, so glad those days have returned for you. SO glad. God is faithful. May you know His nearness today in your ordinary, friend. :)

  4. Sometimes learning to choose to see that extraordinary is so hard when we are in the rut of day to day ordinary but it is always so worthy it when we find it.

  5. I just love your heart, friend. He is doing such a work in you...I'm so blessed by your example. Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of the wonderful ordinary! :)

    1. Thank you sweet friend! Love seeing your face :) Hope your weekend was awesome!