Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Expectations

Maybe you are tired like me, maybe your hopeful but a little weary too.  Maybe it's a struggle to see that there is any good coming around the corner.  Maybe your confused, hurt, sore, irritated, skinned up, hair gone crazy (me too, but it's getting better!), burnt out, worn down, not much strength left....can we just.sit.down....I understand.  So here's the thing, today let's you and I just expect a miracle.  In whatever way, shape or form He wants to send it.  I can already feel my brain start to say.... are you nuts?? You are gonna just get let down again sister!....perhaps.  But maybe I won't.  And maybe the biggest miracle of all comes from the expectation of it, no matter what comes our way.  Thankful.

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