Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Behind The Scenes - Boys

I talk about my girl a lot :) She's well, my girl.  Girls are easy for me....she is soooo me.  But I also have a boy :) And this boy is quite amazing.  This boy has surprised me his entire life.  He showed up 15 months after my girl and I knew NOTHING about boys.  I cried when I found out he would not be a sister for my girl.  I didn't know anything about how to handle boys.  But then I saw his little face and I just loved him.  And that's a good thing, cause he loved me so much that he only wanted his mama until he went to kindergarten :) This boy prompted me to be a stay at home mama.  This boy climbed and sang and laughed and ate gross things that sent us to the ER and made me loose sleep but also been the reason I got out of bed when, were it not for he and the girl, I probably would not have been able too. He was (and still is) his sisters bestest bubs ever. This boy is quiet but has the heart of a giant.  He has compassion and the ability to relate to any person of any age.  This boy has a gift that I believe is so very rare.  God gave him a heart that forgives.  He always believes the best, always loves and always perseveres.  He rarely meets a stranger.  He has always known he who is and who he will be.  When he hit 9th grade, everything changed for him.  He was planted in the right soil and he has bloomed into a young man I just can't believe is my own.  I am so desperately proud of him.  In the middle of the last couple years of hard days, this soul pressed hard through the pain and adversity and has grown into that tree planted by the river, whose roots grow deep and who is going to be well watered no matter the season, no matter what comes.  There are many things I could look back over in the course of my life and lament.  But in the middle of all my wrong roads and missteps, God gave me these two amazing human beings to travel with.  Today I'm grateful for this boy that changed everything and taught me that sometimes we don't get what we thought we wanted....we get something more amazing than we could have ever dreamed of.  Thankful.


  1. I completely LOVE this...what an amazing tribute to your son! Did he read it? (If not, you should print it off and share it with him someday.) I'm happy for you, friend, that you have been so showered with blessings. You deserve it...have a beautiful week! :)

  2. Thank you Mel :) I hope to share it with him soon. Yes, so many blessings when we look to see them. Hope your week is going well!