Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Able

So it's Sunday....lots of scriptures I can think of rolling through my head.  Each would offer some encouragement.  But today I read something that offered me encouragement in a different way.  I'm sure someone has said to you at some point in your life, that God won't give you more than you can handle.....I've said it to myself a hundred times.  But the truth is YES.HE.WILL.  Let me tell you this little joy ride has found me over my head every day.  When He called me into this, sister, I jumped into the deep end of the pool without my floaties.  He gives us more than we can possibly handle because He doesn't want us to think we got this!  Not in our own strength.  The Bible tells us we can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST Who strengthens us.  On the days that I look back and think how?!..... It was the One in me Who is greater that he who is in the world.  None of this is doable.  Not by ourselves.  But with Him nothing is impossible.  It just isn't.  So today if you are in over your head, I am too....and today if you feel like you are gonna be overtaken by whatever is pressing down on you, grab hold of Him.  He won't leave us.  He won't forsake us. We can't.  He can.  Thankful.

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