Friday, October 25, 2013

Dear Weary Mom - Hopeful

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Dear Weary Mom,

I'm praying for us today.  For you, for me.  Some days even though my two are much older now, still, the future can look scary.  They face things I wish they didn't have to, they have times where their feelings get hurt and people aren't always nice.  My heart breaks when I can't fix it.  But there is one Who can.  There is One Who loves them even more than we can possibly imagine.  And that's a lot.  We both know that.  And as much as I am reminded that I love them and care for them and want the very best, He wants that too.  For all of us.  We are His children.  And the inkling of love we feel is a drop compared to what He holds for us. He sees the tears, the frustrations, the not-so-fair's and the down right mean.  He wipes our tears and holds our hands and whispers the you-are-loved words right down into our very souls.  Some days we feel it. Other days we may not.  But just like the times we tell our own children what we see in light of what they do, He does the same.

I pray today you and I can love through the tough spots, tend to others who are hurting, even if it's us that bear the wounds of their actions.  I pray that we all can find and extend the forgiveness we so desperately desire and sometimes seek out in the wrong way, because there is only one place to truly find all that we need.  And that is in Him.  The rest will fall into place when our heart is aligned with the One who loves it most.  Thankful.

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