Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Three

Words.  It's amazing to me that God chose to give me words as a gift.  For many years I used them as a weapon.  They were my defense.  I used words out of fear, to tear down, to wound, to protect myself.  My words kept me bound.  But when these 3 words found themselves piercing my heart in the most desperate of times, they changed everything.  When I let Him begin to show me what my words were truly meant for, when I let His words settle in deep, when I accepted that even in the bad times, these 3 little words still rang true, it changed me, and in turn, changed my words, that changed my heart, that made me able to accept and then to give away what we all desire so very much.  These words give freedom, life and a chance to sow something great into places that may need it more than we ever know. There are 3 words that I never regret saying. Thankful.

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