Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days of encouragement - Timing

It's Monday.  This week I want to encourage you...and remember that God's timing isn't ours.  That's what has been heavy on my heart this weekend.  Our job sometimes is just to obey.  Even when it makes no sense whatsoever.  Even when it leaves us feeling like this can't be right.  But you know deep down, it is right.  You might be have no idea how long this wait has been.....let me promise you I do. Movement in the same direction for months that are bordering years....I do.  I get it.  And our only option is to run the other way, do it on our own, you know, the way we have always done it.  How'd that work for ya'?  Yeah, me neither.  So, today let's you and I keep going in the way we know is right.  Even when it's uncomfortable and seems unending.  Patience. Thankful.

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