Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Waiting

Wait.  I didn't like to be told that as a child and I didn't grow any fonder of it as I got older.  We spend more time waiting for the next thing than anything else.  So how do we fill in the spaces?  I used to spend my today's waiting on tomorrows and wasting my now desiring then.  Still do sometimes.  But I am learning to refocus and be grateful for the right here, the right now.  Even if it's something small, it can serve as a refocus. What I have is pretty awesome.  It's a season that somehow I don't believe I will have again and quite honestly, it feels like maybe He's teaching me how to rest, because when we come into a season of more responsibility, we need to remember how to get away and be still.  What to do while we wait on what comes next?  Serve right where we are.  Maybe that's making your kids lunch everyday.  Maybe that giving a smile to others, maybe that's just learning to praise on the hard days.  Days of waiting are actually days of learning.  Developing skills we will need when our not so slow days come upon us.  And perhaps it's to love those around us who are waiting too.  It's always more fun to have someone to sit beside.  Thankful.

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