Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Steps

What feels overwhelming in your world? For me, it was simply the task of navigating all of this alone.  One tiny girl up against the biggest giant she had ever encountered.  I had been here before....but this was so very different.  This, THIS.....well, it seemed quite impossible.  I had risked it before and at the first sign of resistance I ran in the other direction....only to find my self right back to where I had started...but this time, it seemed this giant had grown a few feet.  There is no point to this.....your being stupid....Perhaps....something inside whispered to me....but try it anyway....maybe to day you just need to have someone tell you to take one step towards whatever you feel is the most ridiculous and impossible thing you have ever encountered.  Maybe the world will laugh at you, call you names and tell you that's the dumbest thing they ever heard of....maybe they are right.  But maybe, just maybe....this will change everything.  Thankful.

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