Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Dark

I smiled when I saw this.  I had been praying.  It has been a little dark lately, but somehow it's familiar to me in a way that I have learned not to be so afraid.  Sometimes we have to look at those long forgotten places and deal with what we have stuffed in the cracks and corners.  Clean it out.  Face the hard truths and then let Him take that and heal them in a way that only He can.  When it gets dark, sometimes our tendency is to run. It magnifies whatever fear is staring us in the face.  But the running is when we tend to trip and fall and hurt ourselves.  Sometimes being still and getting our bearings, waiting for the light, is the only way to go.  We run because we are afraid.  This time it will overtake us.  We can't come back from something this overpowering.  But with Him we can.  Because light consumes the dark.  And this usually comes when we can embrace whatever it is we fear most.  Maybe it needs to swallow you and in that you will soon realize the darkness cannot overtake what is in us.  Perfect Light.  Thankful.

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