Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Encouragement - Ashes

What happens when you hold ashes in your hands and open them up? Usually they scatter when the wind hits, disintegrate as soon as water touches them.  Once the remains are gone, we can see what is left, what is solid and what is true.  What doesn't get destroyed now will hold the ground work of what is to come.  The new.  When the earth is burned, the green that springs forth shows itself so much more beautifully against the black and chard remains.  And from our ashes, the new that He brings will show itself so clearly against the picture of what once was.  Beauty in the midst of what was once death.  As we sit in our ashes there are times that follow where the rain comes down hard and the winds blow fiercely and we begin to think that after all we have been through that we might never escape the harm....yet it is these very things that remove the ashes to show the beauty that lies beneath, that allows the old to be removed and the new to have the ability to spring forth.  Let Him work, let Him move.  What He tears down, He will rebuild.  Thankful.

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